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Courtney Collins
Biographical Information
Name Courtney Collins
Real Name Courtney Collins
Alias None
Nationality American
Born 1995
Physical Information
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blond
Ethnicity Caucasian
Career and Family Information
Affiliations Maverick Security Consulting Inc.
Occupation Radio Support

Data Analyst

Notable Family Unknown
Metal Gear Information
Main Appearances Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Created By Unknown
Designed By Yong-Hee Cho
Voiced By (English) Kari Wahlgren
Voiced By (Japanese) Miyuki Sawashiro
Courtney Collins was a member of Raiden's radio support team within the PMC Maverick Security Consulting, Inc. serving as his data analyst.

Early LifeEdit

She studied business administration when she was at University, but was more concerned with doing her part in relieving social unrest in the world. She later joined Maverick at the recommendation of a classmate of hers at the University, Kevin Washington. During her orientation into Maverick, she learned about the history of the Patriots and the true purpose of the SOP system, though she first though it was part of a BS-detecting test.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Courtney was a person with morals. While she initially thought of getting a MBA and join the "one percent" so that she would not have to worry anymore about money, she later went on to become concerned in doing her part of relieving the global social unrest. She also held the view that civilians should take a more active approach in various roles in PMCs to prevent said companies from becoming too militaristic.

When she was being put through Maverick's iniation she was suprisingly well versed in Patriot history, originally she though it was simply part of a lie detector test. When she learned a part of Raiden's history she was horrified and was glad the Patriots were gone.

Courtney liked to try out as many foreign cuisines as possible whenever she went to a foreign country as part of her "research trips, there were a couple that she would not touch. She also has a habit of putting her coffee on the edge of the table, this has led to a number of incidents.


Main ArticleEdit

For more information please visti the Metal Gear Wiki page: Courtney

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