Father Rodin

Father Rodin is the secret boss in Bayonetta. He is the angelic version of Rodin, a weapons dealer of The Gates of Hell. He uses similar model as Father Balder, though the wings are more golden in color, instead of a blue center color its red, and has a similar halo to Jubileus, The Creator in the Book of Angels

You can fight him if you have purchased the Platinum Ticket. Be warned. He is the most difficult enemy to face, he's known to be able to beat players in a matter of seconds.

In Game DescriptionEdit

"An incredibly powerful angel once charged with governing a portion of Paradiso. Immortal, he has seen the passing of countless generations in Paradiso, surviving them all, and earning the awe-inspiring title of Infinite One.

It is said he turned his back on the heavens and fought an insurgency against Paradiso. Upon ultimately losing the battle, he was exiled to Inferno. However, there are others that say the rulers of Paradiso feared his power and ensnared him in a trap that led to his exile. During his time in paradise, the angel Rodin was charged with the task of creation, responding to Divine Will with various masterpieces.

He was known as a genius smith, renowned for his weapons and armor. The stories of grossly outnumbered troops using his weapons to eviscerate demonic forces are too numerous to tell. After being forced from Paradiso, it is said the newly condemned demon tired of the chaotic battles that rage endlessly in Inferno and disappeared from the Infernal realm. No one knows of his whereabouts since."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As an angel, his abilities are similar to Father Balder's, however they greatly surpass them. He is immune to Witch Time, can summon meteors/streams of energy, and seems to be able to perform his own version of a Wicked Weave.

He can use a "blue sphere" attack, if his health is low, this "blue sphere" can be summoned two or three times at once, and are more harder to break. In addition to those attacks, he also has the most powerful attack in the game. He will start using the grip attack when his health is about half full. If caught, Bayonetta's health will be reduce to 0 instantly leaving 1 more hit before being defeated.

He can use a high speed thrust attack, whose cooldown time will be shorter the lower his health is. His attack speed will dramatically increase if his health are low, with his attacks also becoming more aggressive.


  • Father Rodin is ranked higher than the Audios in the Angelic Hierarchy.
  • In the Book of Angels, Father Rodin shares a similar halo to Jubileus, the Creator.

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For more information please see the Bayonetta Wiki page: Father Rodin

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