There are a multitude of playable game modes that can be found in the multiplayer of Anarchy Reigns, as well as the battle simulator in the training mode. There are a total of 13 different types, each having their own objective, rules, and format.


  • Battle Royale: The main multiplayer game mode, a basic free-for-all. The objective is to defeat other player to gain points.
  • Team Deathmatch: A battle to see which team will hit the required kill count first. In Team Deathmatch, smart ability combos and effective teamwork will dramatically alter the tactical scenario.
  • Tag Battle: Tag Battle-exclusive techniques are the key to success during this team brawl game mode. Players can guard in conjunction with their partners to deploy the spartan formation, or grab simultaneously to unleash a Team-Up Attack.
  • Tag Deathmatch: A game mode where the player's most vital asset is their partner. During this two-on-two tag mode, effective cooperation is the key to winning.
  • Deathmatch: Four players fight in a free-for-all battle, defeating the other players is the main objective.
  • Cage Match: One versus one fights within an inescapable cage, defeat the opposite player to win the game.
  • Capture the Flag: The main objective is to capture the flag. Steal the flag from the enemy's base, then bring it back to the ally base own to attain points.
  • 3-Team Capture the Flag: Three teams fight for control of a single flag. The flag will spawn randomly; bring it back to the ally base to score points.
  • Team Battle: The main objective is to target and defeat the enemy Squad Leader. Squad leadership will be assigned to the top player on each team at varying intervals.
  • Death Ball: Use Superstar Shots to get the ball in the opponent's goal, teamwork, and strategy are highly vital.
  • Survival: Team up to take on an endless tide of foes. Survival is a round-based, three player co-op mode.
  • Mad Survival (DLC): Similar to Survival mode however the enemy waves include numerous player characters.
  • Dog Fight (DLC): Two players fight each other using hijacked gunship turrets.
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