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Jeanne gun
is an Umbra Witch and Bayonetta's former rival. She appears to be on the side of the angels and converses with most of the four virtues. Jeanne must be defeated four times throughout the game.



It is revealed early on that Jeanne was heiress to the Umbra clan 500 years ago, and her rivalry with Bayonetta has apparently existed for as long.

Her role in the game is to test Bayonetta in order to get her to reach her "true potential" and to help Bayonetta remember her past. Jeanne's fights always end with her loss but, to her, this is merely a means to an end.


Compared to Bayonetta, Jeanne is far more serious and aggressive. She seems to enjoy both testing and taunting Bayonetta, and has very little patience for those she works with, often killing them or abandoning them to their fate at Bayonetta's hands. She is always one step ahead of Bayonetta, knowing more about her own past than she does and taunting her for it. She is also rash, a trait she has apparently carried for years, as in flashbacks to the past she blatantly disregards to her clan's laws when challenging Bayonetta to arena combat.



Jeanne is portrayed as a tall, slender, youthful looking woman with porcelain skin. Jeanne wears her signature body suit made by the clothing line "d'arc." It is red with a button design starting from the left side of her chest down to her right heel. The buttons open up, revealing a white layer underneath on the front of her right leg and on the back of her left leg. The suit has a rather large renaissance style collar that is worn similarly to a tie with her Umbran watch resting right in the center of her bust. She has black furry cuffs on her arms and she wears red open-toe heels revealing her perfectly manicured toes. Her glasses are red and feature a wing design followed by a few black feathers over her right ear.

Bayonetta 2Edit


Not much is known about Jeanne's personality in Bayonetta 2 but its assumed she remains the same. She seems to be very protective her Bayonetta, this is seen in the E3 Demo of her sacrificing herself in order to save her friend.

Jeanne Bayonetta 2


Her hair has grown to a very long length covering some of her face, and reaching well below her lower back. She wears a different style outfit as well, a new skin tight suit with angular shouldars and a verticle stripe design. Her watch is now near her left shoulder. The suit has black accent stripes near the shoulder seams that follow inward a bit, going down the length of her body. The black stripes also go down her arms, one on each. Instead of the semi-wedges she wore, she now wears red thigh high boots and gloves, also sporting the stripe design. The glasses she had with the wing design are replaced, instead she sports cat themed glasses which appear to have little ears. She retains the use of her original guns but instead of the feathers, there are now what seems to be stuffed animals cats following her new cat-themed style.


She has the same abilities as Bayonetta, although she has more experience at using them, despite having been repeatedly beaten by Bayonetta in combat (this is because she was testing her instead of trying to beat her until she reached Isla del Sol). She is signed into a pact with a moth-like demoness known as Madama Styx, her fists and feet appearing through Jeanne's Wicked Weaves. At one point Jeanne displayed telekinesis when she directed one of her bullets towards Bayonetta; when she did this her eyes turned red.

Jeanne's arsenal is vastly similar to Bayonetta's in terms of function, but they differ in what they are named, their color scheme, and the demons Rodin conjured and sealed within the weapons. Like Bayonetta, Jeanne can master a weapon once it is in her possession and has masterful skill in the bullet arts.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Bayonetta W101
The Wonderful 101

Wonder-Bayonetta (middle), Wonder-Jeanne (left), and Wonder-Rodin (right) appear as secret unlockable playable characters in The Wonderful 101.

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For more information please see the Bayonetta Wiki page: Jeanne

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